CNN Admits Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Authentic 532 Days After Initial Reporting, by Wendell Husebo

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March 31, 2022
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March 31, 2022

By Wendell Husebo, Breitbart News, March 30, 2022

CNN finally admitted on Wednesday that Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” is authentic 532 days after the initial story broke on October 24, 2020 — notably calling it “Russian disinformation” and “made up” at the time.

“There are a lot of issues that the Justice Department are looking into, including, of course, this laptop – on the right-wing – has featured a lot of stories about Hunter Biden,” CNN’s Evan Perez acknowledged. “We know the FBI has possession of it and that they believe it is his laptop.”

“The contents are his [Hunter’s],” he said, noting Hunter’s “very, very bad” looking corruption in Ukraine when Joe Biden was vice president.

John Harwood also finally revealed, “Hunter Biden was trading on his father’s name to make a lot of money.” …

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