Crisis Magazine: Is the Youth Synod’s Final Document Already Written?

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October 17, 2018
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October 17, 2018

(Photo credit: Interview of Fr. Giacomo Costa S.J.; / Youtube screenshot)

By Julia Meloni, Crisis Magazine, October 17, 2018

Shortly after the youth synod began, Edward Pentin—the authoritative chronicler of the family synod’s riggingreported that an Italian cardinal close to Pope Francis had prophesied a great “surprise,” convinced that the pope would “for sure invent something.” Pentin said some sources had indicated that the final document’s main substance was in fact already written—hence the synod’s deep secrecy, missing mid-term report, and nebulous voting procedures.

As the synod progressed, increasingly ominous voices spoke confidently, buoyantly about being “open” to a new definition of family. One synod father announced at a press conference: “As old folks we should not be afraid to embark on this new path that the pope is pointing out to us. It is a path that is leading us to new kinds of families, new family relations, in a way, and we should not be afraid to open up to this.”

Meanwhile, bishops alarmed by potentially rigged voting rules planned a public group protest; then synod leaders said old procedures would remain in force….Continue reading here: