‘Day Care Teacher’ Uses ‘Non-Binary’ Doll to Pervert Minds of 4-Year-Old Kids, by Peter LaBarbera

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Trans-identified day-care instructor Maddie Piper is shown in an activist-training film teaching 4- and 5-year-old children using her 'non-binary' doll, Nash, whom she describes to the kids using the plural pronoun 'they.' (Video screenshot)

‘Remember what Jesus said about scandalizing children and a millstone around one’s neck?’

By Peter LaBarbera, WorldNet Daily, January 25, 2023


Peter LaBarberaAnother leftist indoctrination video has surfaced showing a trans-identified day-care instructor using a gender-neutral doll to teach four-and five-year-old children to accept the identity “non-binary” as an alternative to “boy” or “girl.”

In the video, the instructor, identified as Maddie Piper, uses the plural pronoun “they” to describe the supposed “non-binary” doll. This is a trans-activist technique to promote the idea of gender ambiguity and “identity” not being connected to one’s birth sex. Trans activists demand that others use their “preferred pronouns” to show respect for and acceptance of their chosen “gender identity.”

The video, from an “anti-bias” documentary reportedly shown to North Carolina day-care center owners, shows Piper and fellow adult educators at the same center celebrating that a child in Piper’s class brought up “non-binary” on his own as a possible identity for the doll. …

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