God and St. Augustine: How Does One Study the Ocean? by Regis Martin

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June 9, 2021
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June 9, 2021

Fra Angelico (1395-1455), “The Conversion of St. Augustine” (photo: Public Domain / Public Domain)

Pick up something written by St. Augustine and “take and read.” You will not be disappointed.

By Regis Martin, EWTN News, June 8, 2021

Regis MartinIt was during the pontificate of Paul VI that a number of monks and scholars found themselves in Rome for a conference on the life of St. Augustine. Drawn by the timeless attractions of the Doctor of Grace, they came, fittingly enough, to the center of Catholic Christendom, the Eternal City, for learned and spirited exchanges concerning the greatest of the Church Fathers of the first millennium.

In the midst of their work they were received in a private audience by the Holy Father, who possessed more than a passing acquaintance with the mind and heart of Augustine. “Why are you here?” he asked. And when they told him, the Pope then asked, “How does one study the ocean?” …

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