How to ‘Put the Devil on the Run’ as Cultural Interest in the Occult Grows, by Mary Frances Myler

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March 21, 2023
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March 21, 2023

Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash. Eucharistic adoration

Exorcist says active sacramental life is the ordinary means of keeping the evil one at bay.

Mary Frances MylerWhen he was a child, Stephen Adubato asked his parents for a Ouija board. Several of his relatives dabbled in magic, and he had become interested in experimenting with occult practices.

Adubato’s family bought him the Ouija board, and he began communicating with spirits who presented themselves as his relatives.

“They say very sentimental things, like ‘I miss you,’ and ‘I love you,’” he told the Register. “But when you start asking questions, they begin to say darker thing — vulgar curse words or sexual things.”

Experiences like Adubato’s are becoming more common, as interest in occultism and related things like astrology are reportedly at a decades-long high. …

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