OneNewsNow: Democratic Lawmaker: Protecting the Unborn ‘Transcends Politics’

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June 6, 2019
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By Chris Woodward, J.M. Phelps, OneNewsNow, June 5, 2019

Legislators shouldn’t refrain from doing the right thing today just because a federal court might do the wrong thing tomorrow. That’s the opinion of a Louisiana state senator in support of “heartbeat” bills and other pro-life measures.

Last week, Louisiana’s Democratic governor, John Bel Edwards, signed a ban on abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy – a move The Associated Press points out puts him squarely in line with the leaders of other conservative Southern states while provoking anger from members of his own party. The primary author of that “heartbeat” bill says he and other defenders of the unborn had simply had enough with the radical pro-abortion measures being enacted in other states.

“The sight of members of state legislatures cheering the legalization of late-term abortions rocked the moral infrastructure of our nation to the core,” states Louisiana State Senator John Milkovich (D-District 38). “That moral injustice and bright display of brazen immorality has galvanized hundreds of thousands of Louisianans and millions of Americans as well as state houses across our great nation to oppose abortion.”

In contrast, several other states besides the Bayou State have since enacted “heartbeat” bills or even stronger abortion restrictions in defense of unborn children.


“We are encouraged by the example of other states around America taking steps to end the infanticide of abortion,” Milkovich tells OneNewsNow, “and we are determined to take the fight to the abortion industry through law, the public, our system of government, and prayer, to stop abortion.”

Some in the pro-abortion movement argue that abortion is health care – but Milkovich contends that abortion is murder.

“The abortion cartel has been relentless, merciless, and vicious in their assault upon the unborn,” he continues. “We must respond with a uniquely American ethical response, a uniquely American counter-revolution to confront the culture of death, fight the abortion industry, and protect the unborn.”

The issue of abortion is largely viewed as a partisan issue, with Democrats typically in favor of abortion and most Republicans are opposed to it.

“Protection of the unborn is not simply a partisan issue,” Milkovich concludes. “Protecting the unborn is a purpose, a principle, and a priority which transcends parties, partisanship, or politics.”

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