Regis Nicoll: Navigating the Confused State Of Manhood

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September 17, 2018
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September 17, 2018

By Regis Nicoll, Crisis Magazine, September 17, 2018

To be a girl today is to be the beneficiary of decades of conversation about the complexities of womanhood, its many forms and expressions. Boys, though, have been left behind. No commensurate movement has emerged to help them navigate toward a full expression of their gender. It’s no longer enough to “be a man”—we no longer even know what that means. ∼ Michael Ian Black

When I was eight-years old, I was in love. Her name was Sherry Collins. We met one morning at the air base daycare center and had our first “date” by week’s end. My parents drove us to a movie theater to watch who knows what—hey, I was in love.

To this day, I don’t know what mom and dad thought about our young courtship, but they used it as an opportunity to impart some important lessons of manhood. I clearly remember mom telling me about my gentlemanly duties: “Regis, when in the company of a young lady a gentleman opens the door for her, helps her into her chair, and escorts her on the street side of the sidewalk.”

That last item baffled me.

“Why’s that, mom?”

“To shield her from traffic.”… read more, click here: