Twitter Exposes A Nation Under DOD’s Brainwashing, by Greg Boulden

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December 22, 2022
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December 22, 2022

By Greg Boulden, America Out Loud, Dec 21, 2022

Greg Boulden is an objective critical thinker, licensed school teacher, and recipient of multiple awards in both industry and his personal life…. 

Greg BouldenTurn on the nightly news, and the messages hit faster than Mike Tyson in his prime. Scroll through social media and watch your mood change and thoughts begin to develop around the content you are consuming. There are individuals that are aware of information manipulation and those who believe that their information is pure. Since the pandemic, there has been a clear divide between how citizens choose to view the covid crisis. 

Since 2016, ABC News had a show called, “What Would You Do.” A hidden camera would record the observer’s reactions to situations that were uncomfortable and unjust. These were acted out in front of them by actors. Some observers spoke up and took action. Other observers minded their business and allowed the injustice. The host would come out to ask why they chose inaction or action. …