The Conclusions of the Synod For the Amazon Were Already In the Pope’s Mind Five Years Ago, by Sandro Magister

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October 25, 2019
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By Sandro Magister, L’Espresso, Oct. 25, 2019

On the brink of the vote on the final document of the synod for the Amazon, the questions about what will be the key innovations entrusted to the decision of the pope have a predetermined answer.

In fact, both the conception of this synod and its aims – the ordination of married priests and new ministries for women – were already “in a nutshell” at the April 4 2014 audience between Pope Francis and the emigrant Austrian bishop in Brazil Erwin Kräutler.

We now know the details of the unfolding of that audience, thanks to a book that Kräutler himself published on the occasion of this synod.

To understand how the history and the outcomes of the synod for the Amazon were already written back then, it is enough to peruse the pages of this book, as Maike Hickson has done for “LifeSite News” of October 22, in the review reproduced below.


Amazon Synod’s architect reveals how Pope Francis could “open a door” to women’s ordination.   ….